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Trusted. Highest Quality. Safe. 
Made in the USA.

The place to shop for healthy home products

  • Water Filters
  • Air Purifiers
  • Organic Bedding
  • Safe Laundry & Cleaning Products
OUR PRODUCTS ARE CERTIFIED Products are Certified by GOTS, NSF, Green America, USDA, GOLS, Greenguard & Eco Institut



Organic, Natural Bedding. Made in the USA.
Create a safe, restful bedroom
Water Filters
Tested. Verified. Effective.
Drinking Water, Shower Filters, Whole House Filters
Air Purifiers
Highly Rated. Proven. Made in USA.
Breathe Easier with Cleaner Indoor Air

Household Goods
Toxin-Free. Natural. Made in USA.
Cleaning, Laundry, Candles
Natural. Organic. Made in USA.
Organic Crib Mattresses. Organic Sheets.
Natural. Organic. Made in USA.
Organic Cotton Pet Beds.

Special Offers.
Limited Time Deals On PureLivingSpace Products


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From Our Blog

Five Things You Don't Want to Hear About Tap Water

You probably don’t want to hear about any issues with your tap water. After all, aren’t regulations in place to ensure you have the cleanest drinking water? You would know if there were issues, right? The annual water quality report from your city looks just fine, but could there be a problem?

The answer may surprise you. And, although you may not want to hear it, you’ll be grateful to learn the truth about your tap water.

What is Kapok and is it All Natural?

Most people have never heard of Kapok (pronounced KAY-pock), but it’s been used for many years in pillows, cushions, and mattresses.

Since it is water resistant, it was also used in life preservers before synthetic fibers. People are curious to know many things about Kapok like where Kapok comes from, and whether Kapok is non-toxic, comfortable, and washable. They are also interested in how Kapok compares to other natural fibers like cotton.

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Eight Reasons to Love Your Air Cleaners

Several years ago, I bought a home air cleaner. I put it in my bedroom and loved it. Then, I bought more. In fact, now I have six home air cleaners scattered throughout the house.

I placed air purifiers in the bedrooms, my office, the room with the kitty litter box, and the kitchen/dining area.

Why do I need so many? The air cleaner in the bedroom removes airborne allergens like mold, pollens, and dust.

Yes, dust!

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