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How to Easily Remove Formaldehyde & Other VOCs From Indoor Air

How to Easily Remove Formaldehyde & Other VOCs From Indoor Air

High-quality air purifiers are an excellent way to remove VOCs like formaldehyde from your indoor air. However, you may wonder if there are other ways to get rid of indoor air VOCs without using an air purifier. Maybe you don't like the look of an air purifier or perhaps you only need air purification for a short time during a renovation or remodeling job. 

Now, there's a solution for you. You can use the EnviroKlenz HVAC air filter for fresher air without an air purifier. 

What is the EnviroKlenz Air Filter?

The EnviroKlenz air filter/cartridge replaces your current HVAC air filter. It filters your air far better than your typical air filter.

EnviroKlenz HVAC Air Filter Cartridge to Remove Household VOCs

A standard HVAC air filter removes bacteria and particles like dust and dander. The EnviroKlenz air filter goes beyond that rudimentary filtration by also removing VOCs, bad odors, and particulates. 

How Does the EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge Work to Reduce VOCs?

The EnviroKlenz HVAC filters are designed to neutralize and remove VOCs & toxic vapors from your indoor air. The filters are made with patented earth mineral technology that captures and destroys harmful compounds that normally sneak past your typical filter. 

The earth minerals are environmentally safe and thoroughly tested. The company was inspired by people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) to create these products making it easier to live healthier in our toxic world. Their products can help reduce common chemical triggers by removing and neutralizing chemical air contaminants.

Can an HVAC Air Filter Reduce VOCs & Clean Your Air?

The EnviroKlenz air filter can reduce VOCs in your air, making your home a healthier place to live. The test results below show the improvement in air quality after replacing a standard air filter with an EnviroKlenz air filter. 

As you can see on Day 1, VOCs measured 0.5 ppm (main room) and 0.4 ppm (basement). By Day 15, the VOCs dropped significantly and by Day 20, the VOCs had dropped to nearly zero and continued to be reduced throughout Day 30. 

 EnviroKlenz Air Filter that Removes VOCs


The Perfect Solution to Remove VOCs & New Construction Off-Gassing

If you've recently remodeled and are suffering from off-gassing flooring, cabinets, paint and other VOCs, then the EnviroKlenz Air Filters are the perfect solution for you. Each filter will work to neutralize and reduce VOCs, odors, and particulates for 3-4 months. 

To summarize, Enviroklenz HVAC Filters:

  • Neutralize and remove VOCs and toxic vapors from your indoor environment

  • Eliminate stubborn odors by destroying noxious chemicals and odors rather than just trapping particulates

  • Go beyond your typical HVAC filter, which only removes bacteria and particles like dust and dander by removing VOCs, malodors, & particulates

  • Safe to use in any furnace and HVAC system

  • Made of in the USA using safe earth minerals, free of carbon

  • Available in a variety of sizes

Learn more about EnviroKlenz air filters.