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How to Solve Your Bug Problem Without Harmful Chemicals

How to Solve Your Bug Problem Without Harmful Chemicals

Be honest. You hate the sight of roaches and would do anything to keep them out of your house. Using an exterminator seems like the only solution, but you worry about harmful chemicals.

The good news is that you can control roaches using safe methods.

Here are three proven ways to kill roaches.

How to Kill Bugs Without Chemicals

1. Sprinkle Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Using DE is an excellent way to control roaches. Sprinkle DE in problem areas under sinks, garages, basements, attics, and behind appliances.

Never heard of DE?

DE is a white powder that is the fossilized remains of marine phytoplankton. When a roach (or any bug with an exoskeleton) comes into contact with DE, it gets under the shell, punctures the body, and kills the bug.

Sounds like just want you need, right?

But, admit it. It also sounds dangerous.

You don’t have to worry though because DE is completely non-toxic. While it certainly is dangerous to bugs with exoskeletons like roaches, all mammals are safe from its effects.

More good news.

There is no buildup of tolerance like poisons because the killing method is physical, not chemical.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Remember to keep the DE dry
  • Although you can eat food-grade DE and rub it on your skin, do not inhale DE because the silica is bad for your lungs (wear a mask when applying)
  • Buy it at your local natural gardening store or order from arbico-organics.com
  • Always use food grade DE and not pool grade DE

It’s the perfect all-natural insecticide. No harm to humans, your pets or the environment, but deadly to bugs.

2. Create Baits

For non-toxic roach bait, mix equal parts sugar and Arm & Hammer detergent. Use 1-2 TBS per bait.

Unlike boric acid roach baits, this bait is not poisonous to humans.

3. Spray Orange Oil

Another solution is to spray indoor areas with Orange Oil and water. Mix 1 oz. Orange Oil per quart of water.

What is Orange Oil?

Orange oil is simply the raw oil collected from the citrus peel during the juicing extraction. Orange oil degrades the waxy coating on the exoskeleton of insects, causing dehydration and asphyxiation of the bugs, not you.

Dehydrating and asphyxiating the bugs sounds perfect, right?

You can buy Orange Oil at your local natural gardening store.

Go Ahead!

Now you’re equipped with three proven ways to kill bugs without poison. Start sprinkling, baiting, and spraying.

Go ahead. Remove your exterminator’s number from your phone.

And, stop worrying about roaches scampering about in your kitchen because you’ve got it under control, naturally

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Source: The Organic Manual – Natural Organic Gardening and Living by Howard Garrett, 3rd Edition