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An outstanding high performance three stage whole house/point-of-entry (POE) water filter system.  A whole house POE system filters all the water going to all the outlets in your home. 

This system is third party tested and certified by NSF to remove 97%+ Free Available Chlorine.  It is also effective at reducing other harmful contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides, rust, sediment, water soluble metals, and industrial solvents. A whole house POE system filters all the water going to all the outlets in your home. 

It has a rated capacity of 300,000 gallons for an estimated effective filter life of 3 years.

Click here for main tank replacement filter and cost.

If your water company uses Chloramines instead of Free Chlorine as their primary disinfectant, this filter system designed to remove chlorine will not be effective. You need a system that is specifically designed to remove chloramines. Check out the Austin Springs Chloramines Whole House Water Filter System

Upgrade to the Professional Installation Kit to receive a 20" pre-filter, 20" pre-filter housing (rather than 10" pre-filter), Sub-Micron Post Filter, and brass fittings for PEX bypass allowing filter bypass making filter changes easier and in the unlikely case of water filter issues.

Austin Springs Professional Installation Kit Whole House Filter

Made in the USA.

Austin Springs Whole House Water Filter Features

  • 3 Stage Filter System
  • Stage 1 = 10" Sediment Pre-Filter captures rust, sediment, and silt.
  • Stage 2 = A blend of patented Copper-Zinc media and crushed mineral stone reduces chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals and also inhibits the growth of bacteria and algae.
  • Stage 3 = Activated Carbon for reduction of pesticides, herbicides, and other chemical compounds.
  • Available with Professional Install Kit Stage 4 = A Final Sub-Micron Post-Filter reduces any remaining sediment and organic particles down to 0.35 microns (replace every 6-12 months depending on usage). 
  • Easy filter replacement without a plumber.
  • Dimensions: without Professional Install Kit - 46" high x 27" wide; with Professional Install Kit - 46" high x 44" wide
  • Replace the main tanks every 300,000 gallons (typical family of 4 will consume that amount in about 3 years). You may consider adding a meter to your system at the time of installation. 
  • Sediment pre-filters should be replaced as needed. See installation instructions for more information.

What Makes this Whole House Filter so Special

  • Removes 97%+ of Free Available Chlorine from every water outlet in your home.
  • Enjoy a clean, pure, chlorine-free shower and bath experience for softer hair and skin with less irritation.
  • Provides cleaner air in your bath and home by reducing harmful VOC's released into the air during hot showers and baths.
  • Eliminates chlorine and other contaminants in your kitchen for better tasting food and beverages.
  • Three Year Warranty - click here to read.
  • Third party tested and certified by NSF (NSF is the gold standard for testing) so you can be sure you're getting the cleanest water. 


Why NSF Certifications are Important

If you are evaluating other whole house water filter systems, be sure to ask if the filters have NSF 42 certification. Also, ask for a copy of the test report. The report will show you what percentage of the contaminant the filter removes during the expected life of the filter. Get and read the NSF test report here.

Note: It is important to check with your local water company to find out whether they use Chloramines or Free Chlorine as their primary water disinfectant. You can do this simply by searching for your town's water quality report online. The report should tell you the primary disinfectant in use in your water supply.

Need help to determine if your water department uses chlorine or chloramines as a water disinfectant? Contact us and we'll do the work for you at no cost.

This system is designed to primarily remove Chlorine from your water. If your water company uses Chloramine as their primary disinfectant then you need a Chloramine filter

A carbon-based whole house filter is not a replacement for a drinking water filter - Learn why

At Pure Living Space we believe an NSF certified carbon-based Whole House Water Filter is a great way to improve the overall quality and safety of the water coming into your home, but we do not believe it should be considered as a replacement for or alternative to a drinking water filter.

Why? Because carbon-based whole house/POE filters are designed with high flow rates (7.0 Gallons Per Minute) so as not to diminish your water pressure or supply. And, since the water passes through the carbon filter so quickly, it is not as effective at removing all of the potential contaminants as a dedicated drinking water filter.

So, we strongly recommend using some form of drinking water filter along with your whole house filter.

Read our blog post about "Three Things You Should Know About Whole House Water Filters".

Tested by a Third-Party Lab

This filter was tested by a certified lab. Read the Test Results for the Austin Springs Whole House Water Filter System AS-WH here.

    Return Policy:

    If not satisfied, return the filter in the original packaging within 30 days of receipt for a full refund less return shipping costs.

    Shipping Information:

    Ships FREE via UPS and typically arrives in 3-6 business days. Allow 1-2 business days lead time. 

    Have more questions? Call us at 1-800-221-5109 or email us.