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If you want to remove Chlorine from your shower, choose Aquasana's Shower Filter. It is independently tested to NSF/ANSI Standard 177 to reduce Chlorine by 90%.

The Aquasana shower filter has been named "Best Shower Filter" by more than a dozen publications, including Good Housekeeping, Real Simple, Better Homes & Gardens, CNN, Bustle, and The Spruce.

This is the perfect product for those primarily interested in reducing Chlorine. It also allows you to use your own shower head! Note that if you want to remove/reduce other contaminants, we recommend the ProOne ProMax Shower Filters. Please click here to learn more about the ProOne Shower Filters' contaminant reduction

The Aquasana Shower Filter is easy to install, and the filters are easy to change. Filters last up to 10,000 gallons or six months.

Aquasana's Shower Filter features a unique up-flow design to prevent media channeling and clogging, retains shower head height and water pressure, and increases water contact time with media for superior filtration.

Four options are available:

  • Shower Filter (White)
  • Shower Filter without Shower Head (use your existing shower head up to 4.5" in diameter)
  • Shower Filter with Handheld Wand (Chrome)
  • Shower Filter with Handheld Wand (White)

Made in the USA.


  • Long lasting 6-month filter
  • Independently tested to NSF/ANSI Standard 177 to reduce Chlorine by 90%
  • Installs quickly & easily without a plumber! 
  • Be sure to change the filter every 6 months to maintain peak performance
  • Click here for the Aquasana Shower Filter Lab Report

The Benefits of a Shower Filter:

Many people filter their drinking water to remove chlorine and other contaminants (which we strongly recommend) but did you know that 50% of your daily chlorine and/or chloramine exposure occurs in the shower. In a hot shower chlorine and chloramines can exist as both a liquid (which can be absorbed through the skin) and a gas (which can be inhaled). 

Apart from the known health risks associated with chlorine and chloramines, exposure in the shower and bath can lead to dry and flaking skin as well as dry, brittle hair.  It only makes sense to remove these chemicals from your water before you bathe or shower in it.  

Return Policy:

If not satisfied, return the filter in the original packaging within 30 days of receipt for a full refund less return shipping costs.

Shipping Information:

Ships FREE and typically arrives in 3-8 business days.

Have more questions? Call us at 1-800-221-5109 or email us.