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This child's bed pillow is perfect for your child's first regular-sized pillow. It's a standard size with a zipper so that you can adjust the amount of wool for your child's comfort.

Meet a popular and versatile pillow. Shape it, hug it, even unstuff it a little. It's malleable and designed to support you the way you’d like to be supported.

The tiny wool puffs are similar to down feathers in the sense that you can move the filling around to any shape you desire. The wool puffs have more substance than down and can take a shape and hold it. 

This pillow won’t compress as much as regular wool batting pillows tend to do, plus it is easier to wash and care for than other wool products. Bonus! 

Comes with a zippered cover for added versatility, so you can easily add more puffs or take some out if it is too thick. 

Handcrafted by Holy Lamb Organics with Northeast Virgin Wool Puffs with a 100% organic cotton sateen zippered cover, this pillow is made in the US with only the best all natural, chemical free materials. 

Organic, All Natural Materials:

  • 100% US Virgin Wool Puffs
  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton sateen cover with a zipper
  • Dimensions: Standard 20” x 24" with 30-33 oz. of wool

Free of Chemical Flame Retardants:

  • No chemical flame retardants used
  • Wool is naturally flame retardant

Handcrafted, Made to Order by Holy Lamb Organics:

  • Each pillow is lovingly handcrafted in the US
  • Made by a small, domestic manufacturer of organic bedding devoted to quality processes

What Makes this Woolly Down Pillow so Special? 

  • Made with only the best all natural, organic, chemical free materials
  • Washable if you follow special washing instructions
  • Filled with 100% US Virgin Wool Puffs
  • The Wool Puffs won’t compress as much as regular wool batting pillows tend to do, plus it is easier to wash and care for than other wool products
  • Finished with a 100% Organic Cotton sateen cover with zipper
  • Wool is hypoallergenic, resists mold & mildews and repels dust mites
  • Wool is the most breathable filling material, cooling you in summer and warming you in winter
  • Provides soft, squishable support similar to a down-feather product, but unlike down, these organic puffs are grown and safely sheared from the sheep 

Protect Your Pillow with a Protective Covering

Now is the perfect time to ensure your new pillows are protected! Order an organic waterproof protective covering

Made with two layers of 100% organic cotton knit with a 1mil non-GMO bio-based film sandwiched between the layers.

This cornstarch-derived, biodegradable film makes the protector waterproof and protects against spills, stains, dust mites, and bed bugs, plus it is approved by GOTS and meets the GreenGuard Gold Standard. 

These protective pillow covers are handcrafted by a small, domestic manufacturer and made with the finest natural, chemical free ingredients available.

What is Woolly Down?

Woolly "Down" pillows are made with 100% Virgin Wool Puffs that offer optimal malleability. The wool is sourced in the USA and supports small sheep farmers in the Northeast.

Below is a photo of the Wool Puffs:

The growers adhere to the same standards as Organic Wool and Premium Eco-Wool. The Wool used is certified and tested through Holy Lamb Organics mill.

Growers participate in a Sustainable Wool Program, managing flocks in a humane, chemical free and environmentally thoughtful manner.  

With all natural, organic materials and no chemical flame retardant, you don't have to worry about synthetic materials off-gassing. 

    The Benefits of All Natural & Organic Pillows

    Whether you are committed to living a totally organic lifestyle, or you are just trying to remove dangerous chemicals from your home, sleeping with a natural pillow can improve your life and health. Hopefully, you have replaced your toxic household cleaners with safer, non-toxic products, and you are filtering your drinking water and interior air. 

    If your child is currently using a pillow made with synthetic materials like polyurethane foam, your child could be sleeping with any number of dangerous chemicals like toluene diisocyanate, formaldehyde, PBDE's just to name a few. Toss that old chemical-laden synthetic pillow and start sleeping with a chemical free, natural pillow. 

    Enjoy better, more restful sleep while reducing the toxic load on your body.

    Return Policy:

    You may return unused and unwashed bedding in its original condition and packaging within 30 days of receipt. After passing inspection, you will receive a full refund, less return shipping costs.

    Shipping Information

    Orders over $50 ship free to the contiguous US.

    Call for shipping rates to Hawaii & Alaska 800-221-5109 or email us.

    Since each pillow is individually handcrafted when ordered, order now for delivery in 2 weeks.