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8 reasons to love your home air purifier

8 Reasons to Love Your Home Air Cleaner

Several years ago, I bought a home air cleaner. I put it in my bedroom and loved it. Then, I bought more. In fact, now I have six home air cleaners scattered throughout the house.

I placed air purifiers in the bedrooms, my office, the room with the kitty litter box, and the kitchen/dining area.

Why do I need so many? The air cleaner in the bedroom removes airborne allergens like mold, pollens, and dust.

Yes, dust!

It also removes VOCs generated from the shower and bath. These VOCs are created when the water chemicals used to disinfect water are heated and sprayed. The right kind of air cleaner can absorb these VOCs for cleaner, healthier air.

The one in the kitchen and dining area removes cooking odors, reduces VOCs from cooking on the gas stove, absorbs fireplace smoke particles, and reduces airborne dust. It also cleans up formaldehyde, benzene and other VOCs from new products we bring into our home. Finally, it clears the air when you’ve burned food while cooking.

At first, I was nervous about the background noise, but I find I can sleep soundly with the air cleaner purring quietly. It makes enough sound so I no longer hear the house’s creaks or the cat meowing outside my bedroom door.

Reasons to Own and Love Your Home Air Cleaner

Here’s a list of eight reasons to own and love your home air cleaner.

1. Ditch unhealthy air fresheners.

Why? Because the best air cleaners remove odors. As a result, you won’t need air fresheners. It’s better to avoid air fresheners because so many brands contain harmful substances that simply aren’t good for you.

2. Stop worrying about how your house smells.

You will never have to worry about your home smelling odd to guests because your air cleaner will reduce pet, cooking, fireplace, and moldy odors.

3. Dust less often.

While you’ll still have to do some dusting, you will discover that you won’t have to dust as often because a good air cleaner reduces the amount of airborne dust.

4. Live healthier.

Your air will have less mold, pet dander, bacteria, and viruses making it easier for you to live healthier.

5. Sneeze fewer times.

With fewer allergens in your house, you may have fewer allergy symptoms. A good air cleaner removes 99.97% of airborne allergens.

6. Help your immune system by reducing inflammation.

If you buy an air cleaner that removes chemical irritants, you will help your immune system by reducing inflammation. According to Dr. Mimi Guarneri, the body sees polluted air, chemical irritants, second-hand smoke and pesticides as foreign invaders. These “foreign invaders” turn on our immune system which can lead to chronic inflammation. Read more about VOCs and how they impact your health.

7. Remove neighboring odors.

Living in tight spaces typically means that you are more aware of your neighbors than you’d like. A home air cleaner can remove odors from cigarette smoke or cooking fumes, or whatever else your neighbors might be up to.

8. Reduce pet odors.

Let’s face it, pet odors caused by litter boxes or damp fur can make your place smell bad. An air cleaner can reduce dander and pet odor.

How to Choose the Best Air Cleaner

To get the benefits, you must choose the best home air cleaner designed to reduce allergens and VOCs. The best air cleaners have true medical HEPA filters combined with a special carbon filter. Check out the air cleaners we use in our home and our unbiased air purifier ratings and reviews.

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