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How to choose the best shower filter for good health

How to Choose the Best Shower Filter for Good Health

Most shower filters are not worth it. It’s a bold statement. But, it’s true. The reason is pretty simple.

Most shower filter manufacturers use outdated filter technology. These outdated shower filters primarily remove Chlorine and a handful of other contaminants.

So, what about the other 200+ contaminants in your water? The best shower filters use advanced technology that reduces more contaminants like VOCs, lead, heavy metals, pesticides, and herbicides.

You won’t find that kind of performance with most shower filters.

Why are Most Shower Filters Ineffective?

Why is the effectiveness of most shower filters so limited?

The older filter technology is limited by the water flow rate. For a shower, you need a water flow rate of 2.0-2.5 gallons per minute. If the rate is any lower, you’ll have to dance around in the shower to get clean. Most manufacturers use filter materials that allow for a fast flow with the downside of limited contaminant reduction. The older technology is only capable of removing Chlorine, rust and the rotten egg smell at that flow rate.

Sure, the shower filters worked great for people who simply wanted to remove Chlorine. But, what if your water department used Chloramines and not Chlorine to disinfect your water?

These filters are not designed to remove Chloramines or most other contaminants. And, more water departments are switching to Chloramines as a water disinfectant. An estimated 20% of water departments use Chloramines now as a water disinfectant.

Why a Shower Filter Matters

So, why bother with filtering your shower water? It matters because your shower produces significant amounts of airborne contaminants.

How does this happen? The heat and water spray from your shower creates airborne contaminants. These airborne contaminants create indoor air pollution. Studies show that inhaling these airborne chemicals is more dangerous than drinking the chemicals in unfiltered tap water.

These contaminants can increase your cancer risk, cause birth defects and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

It’s a troubling thought, isn’t it?

How to Choose the Best Shower Filters

When choosing the best shower filters, look for advanced filter technology.

The best shower filters use advanced technology like the Propur Promax shower filter. It has a good flow rate (2.0 gallons/min) and removes over 200 contaminants. That’s 40-50 times more contaminants than most shower filters remove. It also helps improve odor and taste.

This filter is high-efficiency. It uses a proprietary filter media that targets specific contaminants.

The Propur Promax shower filters reduce contaminants like VOC’s, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, SVC’s, disinfectants (Chloramines & Chlorine), inorganic non-metallics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, PFOA, PFOS, and micro-organisms.

When choosing the best shower filters, you should also look for third-party testing. It’s easy for water filter manufacturers to make claims, so you want to see the third-party lab results from a certified lab. If the test results aren’t published, then don’t buy the filter.

The advanced filter technology has opened the door for healthier showers.