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Don't Buy the Turapur Water Filter, Here's Why

Don't Buy the Turapur Water Filter, Here's Why

A reader asked about water filters that increase the pH in your water. 

“I am looking at purchasing a water pitcher and wanted to know your opinion of the Turapur water pitcher and if you have evaluated that product.”

Here’s our response:

We Don’t Recommend the Turapur Water Pitcher

Buying a water filter can seem like hard work because there is so much conflicting information. We always recommend that people look for third-party lab test results and read the report to understand how the filter performs.

We don’t recommend the Turapur water filter for several reasons.

Contaminant Filtering is Limited

First, its filter seems to have limited filtering capacity. After looking at their site, we found that the Turapur water filter appears to have an unremarkable carbon filter that seems similar to the Brita filter. We’re not fans of the Brita filter because it is so limited in the contaminants it removes. 

The Brita Water Pitcher Filter removes chlorine, mercury, zinc, and cadmium. That’s all. Notice, it doesn’t even remove lead! While the Brita filter is NSF certified which is good, it has a simple carbon filter that does not remove common water contaminants like fluoride, chloramines, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, pesticides, and others. 

High pH Water is Just a Selling Point  

Second, its main advertised selling point is that it increases your water pH. We have evaluated filters that will change your water pH, and we couldn’t find a solid scientific study on whether drinking high pH water was beneficial or damaging, so we can’t comment on the pH raising aspect of the filter. If it raised the pH AND actually did a good job of filtering your water, then we’d be more likely to recommend it. 

Lack of Published Test Results

Finally, the website mentions NSF testing but does not share their test on their site. Not sharing their test results online is a big red flag! NSF testing is great, but only if it certifies what you claim for your filter. The Turapur manufacturer claims the filter removes bad tastes and odors and unfortunately, that just doesn’t mean much. The best water filters make their test results available on their site. After all, if your filter was excellent, then you’d want to share the results with your customers.

In summary, we do not recommend this filter because it doesn’t appear to remove VOCs, SVCs, pesticides, insecticides, heavy metals, fluoride, water disinfectants, pharmaceuticals, arsenic, and the myriad of other contaminants in our water supply today that your water department doesn’t completely reduce to safe levels.

Recommended Water Filters

We do recommend water filters that have their filters tested by a third-party lab and publish the results on their sites. Here are the ones we recommend:

Recommended Countertop Water Filters


ProOne Promax Countertop Water Filter
ProOne Countertop Water Filter System with the Promax Filter


This is a long-life filter that is as effective as a reverse osmosis filter in removing VOCs, pesticides, fluoride, lead and other chemicals, but does not also remove all the beneficial minerals in your water the way a reverse osmosis water filter would. It is portable and easy to install, meets NSF standards, is third-party tested, and they publish their test results. 


Recommended Under Counter Water Filters

ProOne ProMax Under Counter Water Filter

ProOne ProMax Under Counter Water Filter
Up to 200 contaminants can be reduced with this filter, and it doesn’t strip beneficial minerals from your water like a reverse osmosis filter would. The filter lasts for up to one year and is third-party tested. It removes/reduces lead, arsenic, PFOAs, fluoride, and many other harmful chemicals

Aquasana Claryum 3 Stage Under Counter Water Filter

Aquasana Claryum 3 Stage Under Counter Water Filter


Aquasana’s Claryum® filtration technology is tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53 (includes P473), and 401, for the reduction of over 97% of chlorine and chloramines, 99% of microplastics and lead, and 96% of PFOA/PFOS.

It’s also certified to reduce mercury, chlorine-resistant cysts, herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, pharmaceuticals, and more. In all, it tackles 15X more contaminants than the leading pitcher filter.

This filter has the added bonus of the filter alerting you when it's time to get a new filter!

It has a 6-month filter life and is easy to replace. This filter will require either a plumber or a handy homeowner to install.


Recommended Pitchers & Container Water Filters

ProOne Water Pitcher Filter Removes Fluoride

ProOne Water Pitcher Filter
This NSF tested pitcher filters 200 contaminants including fluoride and holds up to 60 ounces of water. It has a filter life of up to 6 months, is portable, and easy to clean. This model also includes a removable fruit infusion tube.


ProOne Traveler Stainless Steel Canister Water Filter

This simple to assemble filter removes up to 200 contaminants, meets NSF standards, and is third-party tested. It is portable, holds 2.25 gallons, and is as effective as a reverse osmosis system at removing contaminants but doesn’t strip your water of important minerals. 



In summary, if you want to have pure drinking water, you should choose a high performing water filter like the ones we recommend. Always look for third-party lab results posted on the site and read the lab reports, so you have an understanding of what contaminants are removed by the filter. 

Questions? Please contact us--we'd love to help.